First Event of the 2019 Tour is approaching!

The first event of the BWA Tour is getting closer. 

Event Host Clyde Waite


March 29-31 - Pro Fleet 
March 30-31- All Fleets 
No rollover date.

          Online entry closed on Wednesday 27th March

           It will be called on or off on Wednesday evening.

    Unfortunately there will no Future Pro Camp at this event.
           Location: Southbourne Beach

BWA Championship Leaderboard - FINAL Results

After 4 intense round of competition, 

here are the 2018 results.

Heat Tables and individual results can be found here

Tiree Wave Classic 2018

For the latest results and News....

ROUND 1 - Rhosneigr Wave Classic 2018 - RESULTS

Rhosneigr 2018

With an unreliable forecast for the Sunday and Saturday the decision was taken to postpone the Amateur fleets leaving the Pros to compete on the Friday.

And the forecast definitely delivered on the Saturday. With a full 16-man pro fleet the judges called the first heat at 12.30pm. Wind stayed for the day with sail sizes ranging from 4.0 to 4.7. The waves also turned up for Rhossy with a solid wind swell offering a competition that included scores for both wave riding and jumping.



Dates for 2018

THESE ARE PROVISIONAL DATES. Check with Geoff before making accom and travel arrangements as BWA cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred in the event that dates are amended.

NOTE: The dates are updated in the '2017/18 EVENT DATES' tab above on this page.

ROUND 1 - Rhosneigr Wave Classic
Wales - Hosted by Funsport, Rhosneigr
May 11-13 (Pros)
May 12-13 (All fleets)
Rollover Option
Either of the following 2 weekends 

ROUND 2 - Avon Wave Classic
England - Hosted by The River Shack, Avon Beach, Christchurch
Sept 14 - 16 (Pros)
Sept 15 - 16 (All fleets)
Rollover option
Sep 21 - 23 (Pros)
Sep 22 - 23 (All fleets)

ROUND 3 - Tiree Wave Classic
Hosted by Wild Diamond, Tiree, Scotland
Oct 13 - 19 (All fleets)

ROUND 4 - FINAL - Cornwall Wave Classic
Oct 25 - 28 (Pros)
Oct 27 - 28 (All fleets)
Option to extend Pros to either 24 or 29 at discretion of hosts due to weather


Results and Leaderboards 
All the single and double elimination results for 2017 CORNWALL WAVE CLASSIC and 2017 TIREE WAVE CLASSIC are now posted HERE

BWA Team Changes
We are inviting applications for the following:
    Pro Sailor Rep.
    Women's Sailors Rep.
We would like to tanak Chris Muzza Murray and Justynia Sniady for their tremendous support but sadly both are stepping down due to other commitments...and the fact that Justynia is having a much better time in Oz and Muzza is now a top model for Vogue and the Sunday Sport!
If you are interested in either post, send us an email We will then put it out to a members vote.

Press Officer 2018
We will once again be looking to engage the services of a Press Officer for the events for 2018. If yoy think you fit the bill (check description in post below) then drop us a line HERE.

Don't miss out on the final event of the year, Clyde Waite and team are organising an event not to be forgotten. Entry is open and you make sure you get your party tickets before they run out.