Press Officer required

The UK Wave Tour in Association with The Mailing room continues to go from strength to strength. We are keen to develop our media presence in the Windsurf/Adventure media world.
The British Wavesailing Association is looking for a part time press officer for the 2017 UK Wave Tour.

Depending on weather/forced date changes etc we are looking for someone who can commit between 17 and 22 days in the 2017 season. The list of provisional dates is here: 

What is the role?
Assist event hosts in promoting their events
Attend BWA events.
Gather and deliver news stories promoting the wave tour events.
Post 'end of day' round ups at event.
Post an end of event 'Wrap up' report

The candidate?
Essentially you will be a passionate and informed windsurfer ideally with knowledge of wave events and competition. Importantly this is not a full time role and the remuneration is limited so it will most likely suit someone looking to develop their skills or extend their current vocation in media.
You will need to have a sound grasp of social media, good camera skills, flexible attitude and most importantly an ability to mix with competitors and garner exciting stories.

Oh, yoo wil need to be propar gud at speling and gramer and that! 

What we offer?
We will assist with travel and accommodation for each event.
There is also a 'daily fee' which we will discuss with candidates based on experience, commitment and other factors.

Email :
or call 07977 419283 to discuss further.

BWA announce dates for 2017 (and 2018!)

The dates announced for 2017 and 2018 are below.

THESE ARE PROVISIONAL DATES. Check with Geoff before making accom and travel arrangements as BWA cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred in the event that dates are amended.

Wales, Rhosneigr, hosted by Funsports
May 12-14th Pro's.
May 13-14th  All other fleets.

Rollover option:
May 26-28th Pro's.
May 27-28th All other fleets.

Tiree, hosted by Wild Diamond Watersports
Oct 14-21st.

Cornwall Wave Classic, hosted by RB Sails
Oct 27 - 29th Pro's.
Oct 28-29th All other fleets.
We are also including the facility to extend an additional ‘Pro Forecast Day’ of either 26th or 30th Oct for Pros only. This day will be added at the discretion of the organisers.

Avon Beach Wave Classic, hosted by The River Shack
Nov 24 - 26th Pro's.
Nov 25 - 26th All other fleets.


As part of our plans to grow the events, it was decided at the BWA AGM in Tiree, that we should set dates 2 years ahead.
This will allow event hosts to make more solid plans with Sponsors, councils etc.
Wales, Rhosneigr, hosted by Funsports
May 11-13th Pro's.
May 12-113th  All other fleets.

Rollover option:
May 25-27th Pro's.
May 26-27th All other fleets.

Tiree, hosted by Wild Diamond Watersports
Oct 13-20th.

Cornwall Wave Classic, hosted by RB Sails
Oct 26 - 28th Pro's.
Oct 27-28th All other fleets.
We are also including the facility to extend an additional ‘Pro Forecast Day’ of either 25th or 29th Oct for Pros only. This day will be added at the discretion of the organisers.

Avon Beach Wave Classic, hosted by The River Shack
November TBC

Geoff Hautman
BWA - UK Tour Director

Avon 2016 Wave Event

2016 saw the BWA Wave Tour return to the South Coast of England for the first time in 10 years.

The event was hosted by Clyde Waite and Sponsors Rivershack, C6(n), Cobra Ribs, Conkers Gin, Amiri Construction, Jimmy's Iced Coffee, Big Salty and Hungry Lobster.

The 3 days failed to deliver contestable conditions but competitors and spectators were treated to 3 days of sun, music, free Coffee and Gin, food and pastries from The Hungry Lobster and evening entertainment provided by local Pub 'The Ship in Distress.

 C6(n) provided an amazing beach bar structure which included a top floor judging deck ensuring the BWA judges saw all the action.
Hot 'Mulled' Conker Gin flowed downstairs and competitors kept warm by the heaters provided.
 Local Ship Chandler, The Rivershack and Cobra Ribs, provided safety for the event

Whilst the sun shone and we waited for wind, BWA Head Judge and PWA Judge, Mark 'Sparky' Hosegood and several of the pro fleet provided fantastic coaching clinics for all

Saturday saw stronger North Easterly winds and with small kickers starting to form an expression session commenced.

As the wind dropped, the rib was exchanged for a jetski and the tow-in fun began.

BWA Chairman and Founder, Nigel Treacy reported: "It is great to have this event back on the South Coast. The management of the event by Clyde Waite and his team has been fantastic and the support from local companies and council has been heartwarming. We are optimistic that the success achieved here ensures this event will run for many years to come."

Expression session winners - MASTERS
Andy Page
Graham Pettit
Jim Crossley

Expression session winners - AMATEURS
Greg Bowden
Reuben Shaw
Clyde Waite

Expression session winners - PROS
Nick Hibdidge
Luke Smith
Mark 'Sparky' Hosegood
Expression session winners - YOUTH
Jack Pettit
Alex Hudson
Josh Lane
Cornwall 2016 UPDATE

This event has been rolled over from its original date of 28th October and is due to take place as follows:
11th November PROS ONLY
12th -13th ALL FLEETS
Latest updates here:

Rhossy 2016 - May 20-22 (Pros) 21-22 (Ams)

Wind and waves on their way for the first BWA event of the year.
Enter online now: 

2016 Dates

BWA announce dates for 2016

Wales, Rhosneigr, hosted by Funsports
April 22-24 Pro's. POSTPONED
April 23-24 All other fleets. POSTPONED

May 20-22 Pro's
May 21-22 All other fleets

Ireland, Brandon Bay (Provisional)
TBC, but provisionally Sept 8-12

Tiree, hosted by Wild Diamond Watersports
Oct 15-22

Cornwall Wave Classic, hosted by RB Sails
Oct 28 - 30

2015 was another great year for the BWA. Despite growing the duration of the Rhosneigr event, we we skunked, but there was just enough wind for all to have fun on the Demo RRD and Starboard / Tushingham kit that was kindly provided. Sadly we lost Ireland, but Cornwall delivered a near perfect weekend of sun, wind and waves.
The standout event last year was Tiree. Willy MacLean and the Wild Diamond team raised the quality of the event back to its heyday. Their hard work was rewarded by winning two tourism awards, Best Sports Event for the Highlands and Islands Tourism Awards 2015 and for the Scottish Thistle Awards 2015. The Tiree Wave Classic is now nominated for the finals of the National Award against The Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup. The event is a fine example of what can be achieved with minimal sponsorship and maximum team effort. Plans are afoot for an even greater event for 2016 when the Tiree Wave Classic celebrates its 30th year. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!
The Mailing Room (TMR) became the principal tour sponsors of the BWA Championship in 2015 committing investment for the future of the sport with a well attended Youth Programme managed by Sam Ross. BWA look forward to continuing the TMR partnership into 2016.

This year we are returning to 4 events, but with a bit of a twist, one event in the spring and 3 in the Autumn. We are working very hard to secure an event back in Ireland, perhaps in conjunction with the Irish Windsurfing Association. Details TBC.
We are thrilled to announce that the 2016 Cornwall Wave Classic will be hosted by RB Sails and the Rhosneigr event once again being generously hosted by Funsport thus providing a sustainable platform of growth.

We are also including the facility to extend an additional ‘Pro Forecast Day’ of either 27 or 31 Oct for Pros only. This day will be added at the discretion of the organisers.

RB Sails Cornwall Classic 2015

The final round of the BWA UK Championship sponsored by The Mailing Room

The UK’s finest windsurfers travelled from all corners of the UK to Penwith this week  to compete in the final event of the British Wavesailing Association (BWA) tour.
Gwithian and Marazion are worldwide famous beaches for wind and waves. This drew the largest Professional fleet ever along with Amateurs, Ladies, masters and youths keen to show off their waveriding and jumping skills. With a big wave forecast and wind on Friday the excitement grew.
The Professional Fleet kicked off on Friday with some of the most intense and action packed heats for years. With waves up to 8ft and gusty cross offshore winds the sailors showed world class ability right on our Cornish beaches. Local sailor and police officer  Andy King, was unfortunate not get through his heat despite an exciting display of jumps and tricks. After a full day of nail biting competition the top 4 competitors made it to the final. With the tide now pushing, the wave strength increased allowing the sailors to score big airs and aggressive cutbacks. Steve Thorpe from Leicester ended in 4th position, an excellent result for the part time professional. In third place, from Bristol and now living in Tenerife, was Adam Lewis, who in an earlier heat had the best move of the day. Jamie Hancock, a former World tour competitor finished in second place by  just half a point which left Ross Williams to take the victory. Ross was also crowned overall BWA champion following a dominant year.
Saturday saw light winds but great surf. This meant the windsurfing had to be postponed so a youth SUP competition sponsored by Westcountry Watersports was held at Marazion. This was a great and fun introduction to competition format for the 12 strong youth fleet while being coached by UK instructor, Sam Ross. Getting into the final but ending in 4th place was Jenna Pettit. Luke Meldrun was third, James Arnell Smith 2nd and winning was Jack Pettit.
Light winds greeted Cornwall again on Sunday but eager to make use of the famous Gwithian surf , competitors and organisers, RB Sails, decided to run a surf and SUP competition mixing all fleets in one. The standard was high and everyone was out in the beautiful clear waters enjoying a classic day of perfect surf and glorious November sunshine. Coming in equal third were Sam Ross and Warren Rowe. Young Jack Pettit came a close second and is clearly someone to watch out for in future windsurf and SUP competitions. First place went to Andy Chambers much to his delight.

Event Organiser, Ian Ross said, “It’s great to have the support of the local Councils, the Duchy of Cornwall and local sponsors like PlusPrint. Without this, the event wouldn’t take place. It is such a positive showcase for the area  and it attracts people from all over the world to Penwith especially when you see such world class conditions in a beautiful location. We are finding more and more people are bringing the whole family with them making the event part of a holiday which of course benefits local businesses. We have also seen an influx of international tourists who have been attracted to Cornwall having seen our images and videos. I’m excited about the future of the Cornwall Wave Classic and have great plans for next year.”