Ireland - Day 2

9am skippers meeting and the Head Judge announced fresh side-shore winds in the bay and made the call for all sailors to head to 'Dumps'. Nursing a poorly tummy, Jim Brookes-Dowsett took this call quite literally and spent the first part of the morning in Jamie Knox's lav!

Dumps is a popular local beach which delivers great waves in a southerly wind. Today the waves were not epic but steady enough to allow the amateurs to continue their battle.

AMATEURS - continued
In the final round Aleksy Gayda, Niall Melon, Lewis Merrony and Alfie Hart fought hard and close for every wave but it was Aleksy who took 1st place with epic forwards and solid waveriding. Lewis Merrony took a very close 2nd place with Niall 3rd and Alfie 4th.

With the pack eager for revenge against Whitey the 5-man heat promised to be exciting and it didn't dissapoint. Mark Lloyd pulled everything out of his bag to knock Whitey into 2nd. With both sailors now holding equal points the scene is set for an epic battle. Snapping at their heels, Danny took another 3rd place with Lee and Chris sharing 4th.
After a testing 1st day the 'Galway Gladiator' Katie McAnena was hungry for revenge against her new rival Sarah Bibby. Both scored good waves but it was Sarah who was able to make the most of the decreasing conditions to score a 2nd win against Katie.

Our man on the scene, Jim Brookes-Dowsett will is drafting a full report of the days action with the pros which we hope to deliver first thing tomorrow morning. In the meantime we leave you with the Pros results...

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