2011 UK Wave Champions

After 4 incredible events the BWA proudly announces the following results for 2011. The overall results for all competitors will be released in the next few days.

Champion: Ben Proffitt (Simmer)
Vice Champion: Phil Horrocks (JP,)
3rd: Andy 'Bubble' Chambers (JP, Neil Pryde)

Pro Champs: 3rd Andy 'Bubble' Chambers, 1st Ben Proffitt, 2nd Phil Horrocks


Champion: Aleksy 'Lecky' Gayda
Vice Champion: Lewis Merrony
3rd: Alfie Hart

Ams Champs: 3rd Alfie Hart, 2nd Lewis Merrony, 1st Lecky Gayda


Champion: Sarah Bibby (Simmer)
Vice Champion: Kariina Pirhonen
3rd: Debbie Kennedy

Ladies Champs: 3rd Debbie Kennedy,  2nd Kariina Pirhonen, 1st Sarah Bibby

Champion: Mark Lloyd
Vice Champion: Danny Geereedhary
3rd: Lee Medway

Masters Champs: 1st Mark Lloyd , 2nd Danny Geereedhary, 3rd Lee Medway

Champion: Tom Bennett-Lloyd
Vice Champion: Liam Ellis
3rd: Luke Raistrik

Youths Champs: 2nd Liam Ellis, 1st Tom Bennett-Lloyd, 3rd Luke Raistrick 

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