Following the barrage of daft  interesting questions, here are our answers and reminders for the Wales/Ireland event;

"Which ferry?"
Most people are booking the 8.30pm on Sunday night. Book it NOW! Jim here for code:

"I need accommodation"
Anyone still after accommodation for Ireland or Wales should check here....
In addition, Tom Knox is offering B&B here:

"whats the Fancy Dress?"
Fancy dress theme in Wales is Hawaii five 0. Grass skirts and colourful dresses compulsory....and the ladies also!

"is there broadband?"
Wanting broadband? Consider buying a MIFI unit whilst in Ireland. You will get a cheaper data plan and better signal. You will have to fork out about e39 for the unit but then you top up as you go.
There is a '3' store in Tralee.

"what is the best route?"
Whilst it is a pain we always recommend using the toll road from North Dublin. It gets you through the town super quick. Well worth the pennies. Other than that it is a straight route from Dublin to Tralee. Just enter "Castlegreggory" into the satnav or google Routeplanner!

"I've heard you can speed and get away with it"
It may come as a shock but the Irish have a police force and the Garda are pretty hot on handing out speeding tickets. So stick to the speeds.....We want you all to arrive alive!

Make sure you have your UKWA/BWA memebrship up to date before you register. Do it here: Make sure you tick the BWA box (unless you are doing other events such as slalom, course or freestyle). The BWA and UKWA membership is one of the same as we are affiliated.
Remember, without membership we won't put you into heats.

Do it online and do it NOW to save money:

Any more questions, contact Nigel:
'Emergency' number 07977 419283

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