Tiree Wave Classic 2014 - The 'IDE' of the storm!

What a difference a day makes. After the first full day of competition all remaining fleets have now completed their single eliminations. The ladders are now loaded for the double eliminations with 2 full days of epic conditions to come.
Sailor of the day has to be 13 year-old Freddie Ide who enteered as a youth and went on to make the final of the Ams fleet today!

Could Freddie be the next Philip Koster and can be seen here swapping tips with the 'other' World No.1!

And if that is not enough.....we await 'The Quickening'.... This will be a shootout to remember as  five of the UK best Pro wavesailors go head to head in a new competition with a brutal format....all will be revealed.

Here are the results from the singles and the ladders loaded ready for the doubles....

Mike Archer continues to lead the pack and now sits in first place with local boy Scotty McDowell in second. Ben Page will be eager to wrestle the first place of Archer but it will take a mighty effort as he needs to defend against young gun Freddie Ide before taking down Scotty and then Archer. is it possible? Ben did it in 2013 when he came back through 7 straight heats. Mike and Scotty will ber nervous.
Sailor of the day, Freddie Ide will also be looking to advance further and ruin the party of the Am sailors.

Tour leader Justyna Sniady (Simmer/Simmer) collected another solid win with an amazing 5 wins. Sarah Kellet also had an impressive day with 4 x 2nd places. Sarah Bibby (Simmer/Simmer) in 3rd place as we wait to hear from the judges if there are any more heats to run in the remaining 2 days.

The Masters fleet is one of the most fiercely contested competitions. Kyle McGinn is currently sitting in 10th place of the tour but that didn't stop him taking down the formidable tour leaders to nail his first BWA win.  Tour leader Craig Hamilton, will have his sights firmly set on regaining valuable places in the double to distance his lead before the final Cornwall event. Previous tour champ Big Dave White will also be chomping at the bit in the double.

Congratulations to Geoff Hautman and his team for delivering his first BWA comp.

Report by BWA Chairman, Nigel Treacy.

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