Quick interview with BWA judge Michael Archer

We caught up with Michael Archer whilst waiting for the wind to kick in at the Rhosneigr event...

How long have you been a judge for the BWA and how did you get into it?

3-4 years. I have competitive experience in sailing and windsurfing but after injuring myself I couldn't compete for a while and I started helping out with student events and then I got asked to help judge, it progressed from there and I ended up judging more serious events.

What are you looking out for when judging?

An overall good standard of Wavesailing, ability to ride in all sorts of varied conditions, making the most out of what’s in front of you.

What attracted you to Wavesailing?

I used to do a lot of competitive sailing but I got fed up of it, I went to university and they had a windsurfing club, I got introduced to both Windsurfing and Wavesailing, it’s the perfect cross between the two for me.

Describe Wavesailing to an outsider?

Surfing with a sail but you can do big jumps and flips. It’s a cross between motocross and surfing on the water without the hardboard.

Who are your sporting heroes?

Kelly Slater and Robbie Naish

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into Wavesailing?

Come along to these events, it will give you access to people who can give you advice on training and technique, on where to go and what to do. Also have a really good go at it overseas and get some lessons when you’re out there.

Where is the future of Wavesailing headed?

Tricks will get bigger and more impressive, over the last ten years the level even at amateur is better than it was at pro level 10 years ago, hopefully it will keep progressing year on year with better tricks and a higher standard than ever before.

Best trick you've ever seen?

Triple forward loop

Any insights for this year’s competition?

It would be interesting to see how Adam Lewis is going to do, I'd like to see what he can bring, I think he pushes the top pros the most out of anyone.

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