Avon 2016 Wave Event

2016 saw the BWA Wave Tour return to the South Coast of England for the first time in 10 years.

The event was hosted by Clyde Waite and Sponsors Rivershack, C6(n), Cobra Ribs, Conkers Gin, Amiri Construction, Jimmy's Iced Coffee, Big Salty and Hungry Lobster.

The 3 days failed to deliver contestable conditions but competitors and spectators were treated to 3 days of sun, music, free Coffee and Gin, food and pastries from The Hungry Lobster and evening entertainment provided by local Pub 'The Ship in Distress.

 C6(n) provided an amazing beach bar structure which included a top floor judging deck ensuring the BWA judges saw all the action.
Hot 'Mulled' Conker Gin flowed downstairs and competitors kept warm by the heaters provided.
 Local Ship Chandler, The Rivershack and Cobra Ribs, provided safety for the event

Whilst the sun shone and we waited for wind, BWA Head Judge and PWA Judge, Mark 'Sparky' Hosegood and several of the pro fleet provided fantastic coaching clinics for all

Saturday saw stronger North Easterly winds and with small kickers starting to form an expression session commenced.

As the wind dropped, the rib was exchanged for a jetski and the tow-in fun began.

BWA Chairman and Founder, Nigel Treacy reported: "It is great to have this event back on the South Coast. The management of the event by Clyde Waite and his team has been fantastic and the support from local companies and council has been heartwarming. We are optimistic that the success achieved here ensures this event will run for many years to come."

Expression session winners - MASTERS
Andy Page
Graham Pettit
Jim Crossley

Expression session winners - AMATEURS
Greg Bowden
Reuben Shaw
Clyde Waite

Expression session winners - PROS
Nick Hibdidge
Luke Smith
Mark 'Sparky' Hosegood
Expression session winners - YOUTH
Jack Pettit
Alex Hudson
Josh Lane

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