2019 Rhosneigr Wave Classic Update

2019 Rhosneigr Wave Classic Update

The forecast for the rollover weekend of 17-19 May has suddenly got a glimmer of hope. The current forecast of NW will be a no go, but if that low were to move north, we might be on. But it's a long shot. 

Another thing to note for next weekend is that the Rhossy is full, due to a couple weddings, so accomodation will have to be found in the area around Rhosneigr. 

We will make the final call by the evening of wed 15th May.


Tour Director 
Rhosneigr Wave Classic.

Forecast is all over the shop.


May 10-12 - Pro Fleet (Starting Friday)
Pro Entry closes Thursday 19:59.

May 11-12 - All Fleets (Saturday & Sunday)
Entry closes Friday 18:00.

Rollover would be the following weekend if no conditions

Rhosneigr Future Pro Youth Camp will run May 11-12, independent of any competition decision.

Online entry for Rhosneigr 2019 now open!

Geoff Hautman has confirmed that online entry for the Rhosneigr 2019 Wave Classic is now open on the BWA website! (Please ignore the 2018 dates on the page, we are awaiting their update and Geoff will still receive your entry.)
Rhosneigr Wave Classic, hosted by Funsports
May 10-12 - Pro Fleet
May 11-12 - All Fleets
Rollover would be the following weekend.
Rhosneigr Future Pro Youth Camp* May 11-12 only.

New for 2019 the BWA Future Pros Facebook Page

William Maclean, head coach of the Future Pros Coaching Programme has created a new Facebook Page for the youngsters. 

Future Pro Will Rowland is looking forward to the 2019 Rhosneigr Wave Classic!

All Fleets are hoping for wind and waves!

Interview with ‘Future Pro’ Will Rowland

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you get into windsurfing and how did you get involved in the Future Pro Camps?

I’m Will, 15 years old and have been wave windsurfing for about a year now. By chance one weekend at Rhosneigr I met Mark Hosegood who suggested I go to the Future Pro camp in a few weeks time at Rhossy, which I did.  At this point I could hardly waterstart but just enjoyed being out there and I quickly progressed. 

Where is your local spot and your favourite conditions? 

I live in North Manchester so not exactly coastal, but Leasowe isn’t far away. I mainly sail at Rhosneigr, luckily my parents drive me there when there’s a good forecast. To be honest I don’t mind anything from 50kts to float and ride, I just enjoy the variety. 2019 has been so windy so far I’ve not often been on anything bigger than a 3.7m so its been pretty intense.

You have attended a lot of the BWA Future Pro camps, how have you found these and what have you learnt? 

Like I said before, before I started going to the Future Pro camps a year ago and I only had the very basic skills; now I am very close to forward loops, I hope to start competing and I am confident in proper big conditions. The Future Pros has played a big part in this, obviously all my progression has not just happened in the 10 days I have been at the camps but so much is covered in this time you take it away and work on it yourself.  At the camps we cover skills such as; correct wave kit setup, getting through the shore-break, tacking/gybing on wave boards, basic jumping, manoeuvre oriented jumping e.g. The front loop, wave riding, wave selection as well as wave etiquette and rules. It’s always a relaxed environment and open to ideas and suggestions about the things people want to specifically learn and great fun!

What are your plans for future sessions, road trips and Future Pro camps? 

This year I plan to start competing more, starting with Rhosneigr and any others I can. The Future Pros sometimes run mini comps at the end of the camps so these are good practice for the real thing and there are opportunities to compete in the junior fleets when you are ready.

In terms of a road trip I’m really excited to be going to Tiree for the first time this Easter as I can never make the wave event due to the English school holiday times. I will also be going to all the Future Pro camps I can, the first one is in Rhosneigr on May 11th and 12th!

Would you recommend the Future Pros to other youngsters? 

Without a doubt, with only basic skills needed, and lots of other people like you whatever your level, it’s a great place to start off and then turn yourself into a solid wave sailor. The Future Pros does not mean you have to compete, it’s up to you completely with no pressure. If you just want to free-sail instead of competing there are no worries. 

If you do choose to compete everyone will help to get you started. Judges are often happy to explain all the rules and procedures to you and the Future Pro coaches will also be on hand to help along with the other young windsurfers. A big help to me was being able to help and observe Head judge Jim Brooks-Dowsett and Farrel O’Shea judge the University wavesailing comp at Rhosneigr one weekend. 

The pros are also very supportive and get involved in the wave camps, and are keen to support with lending old kit (last years) and letting us test demo boards. Mark Dowson heads up the media posting with great content on our social media sites and also coaching when he’s free. The main Future Pro coach is Willy Maclean from Wild Diamond Tiree, helped at the larger camps by Tris and Gavin. New kit can be expensive and luckily I have been helped by Funsport Rhosneigr, along with generous donations from other windsurfers due to their association with the Future Pros.

Future Pro Dates
Rhosneigr Wave Classic, hosted by Funsports
Rhosneigr Future Pro Youth Camp*
May 11-12
Tiree Wave Classic, hosted by Wild Diamond Watersports
Oct 12-18
Tiree Future Pro Youth Camp
Oct 12-18
Cornwall Wave Classic, hosted by RB Sails

Oct 26-28 All Fleets
Cornwall Future Pro Youth Camp*
Oct 21-24
Rollover would be the following weekend.
*Future Pro Camps are on dates stated and will not be rolled over.

Contact Willy via www.wilddiamond.co.uk  or +447712159205 for 2019 Future Pro Camp information and prices. (2018 prices were £10 per day. Isle of Tiree £150 per week.)

First Event of the 2019 Tour is approaching!


The first event of the BWA Tour 

Event Host Clyde Waite


March 29-31 - Pro Fleet 
March 30-31- All Fleets 
No rollover date.

          Online entry closed on Wednesday 27th March

           It will be called on or off on Wednesday evening.

BWA Championship Leaderboard - FINAL Results

After 4 intense round of competition, 

here are the 2018 results.

Heat Tables and individual results can be found here