Due to some confusion regarding the definition of ‘pre-entry’ at previous events, please find below clarification regarding entry.

‘Pre Entry’       Competitors can pre-enter on the event hosts website. There may be a financial incentive. Pre-entry does not qualify as final registration.
‘Registration’    All competitor MUST register within the allotted time irrespective of pre-entry.
‘Draw’             Once registration has closed the judging team will post heat draws for the registered list based on current seeding.

What is ‘Pre Entry’
All competitors are encouraged to pre-enter as this speeds up preparation for competition. Late entries or payments cause delays that affect everyone else. The ‘Event Host’ may also offer competitors a discounted incentive. Information will be posted on the event website.
Prior to the start of the event the Event Host will notify the BWA of pre-entry list. However, these entries are still regarded as ‘pending’ until such time as they register with the BWA at the event.

What is ‘Registration’
There will be an official ‘Registration’ at each event with an opening and closing time. All competitors wishing to be drawn for competition must pay enter at this time and in person*. Registration at events is a condition of operation for organiser. It is also a condition of event insurance.

The BWA accepts that there may be exceptional circumstances whereby a competitor still wishes to register but cannot make the registration. In such circumstances the competitor must notify a member of the registration team (Tour Manager or Head Judge) prior to close of registration with their request which will be considered.
In very exceptional circumstances where the BWA allows a competitor to enter after close of registration, the Head Judge may include the competitor in the draw but the competitor may relinquish their seeding place for that draw. The Head Judges decision will be final in all cases.
BWA accepts that communication at certain events is challenging due to phone reception etc however responsibility for communicating is with the competitor.

Entry points

As per the amendment to rules agreed by members in 2011, in the event of a no-wind event the BWA may award a -1 point score to any competitor who has ‘registered’ at the event. (-1 is favoured as you are aiming to reduce your overall tally by end of the tour).

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