Day 4 - Tiree
Light cross-onshore winds at Balephuil. First heat was the Masters double elimination which saw big Davey Edmiston start a charge through the pack. Unfortunately conditions didn't stand up long enough to complete the elimination as Head Judge Duncan Coombes called it a day for the sailors.

And with more wind and waves forecast for the end of the week, all sailors now eagerly await the opportunity to take down the current leaders who are:
                   Pros                                Ladies                            Amateurs                          Masters
              John Skye                      Debbie Kennedy                Aleksy Gayda                   Mark Lloyd

And here are the latest results from the Masters. If he wins the Tiree event, Big Davey Edmiston will have worn the crown 3 pressure then ;)

Forecast for tomorrow looks super light which is just as well.... tonight all competitors are invited to a whiskey tasting night at the Tiree Lodge Hotel.

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