Day 5 - Tiree - The morning after the night before.

We woke to the aftermath of 'Big Tuesday' this morning with hardly a breath of wind in the air. And just as well considering the amount of tasting that went on with the previous evening's whiskey tasting session. and for those of you that were not present, here is a short update of the evenings events:

Competitors arrived at the famous Tiree Lodge Hotel for an evening of fine Springbank whiskey tasting. Now I never realised that the competitors were connoisseurs of the fine stuff but they must have been because they took on the tasting challenge with tremendous gusto. And once the whiskey had run out they then proceeded to empty the bar.

Ian Ross of RB Sails in Cornwall was equal to the whiskey challenge but his one complaint being that the bar's was uncomfortably hot.Here Ian can be seen with BWA Chairman. The landlady was quick to resume normal service and ordered Ian to put his t-shirt back on!
Timo and Lewis went one step further and were last seen exiting the bar wearing their briefs around their necks. Not to be outdone, Shillito decided to demonstrate his crowd surfing prowess and was immediately walked out of the building by his ears only to return moments later via the back window!

One of the downsides to the small island is that it only has 2 public bars. This is particularly devasting for Chris Muzza Murray who has now been banned from 50% of them! This occurred when the barman attempted to call last orders by turning the lights on and off. Muzza panicked at the thought of an early night and proceeded to remove all the light bulbs in a moment of genius. Here he can be seen removing the stereo equipment "If I cant stay and dance Im taking the party with me" he was heard to slur!

And so to breakfast.... when Head Judge, Duncan Coombes requested a full breakfast the restaurant manager explained "You can have anything but it needs to be on a bun". And here you can see the result when Duncan insisted on a full breakfast...on a bun!
I opted for the landladies hangover special and here it is, fresh bun, scrambled eggs and 2 panadol...I kid you not!

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