Day 6 - Update

The night before.....
A welcome return to Carters Quiz night was enjoyed by many of the competitors last night. JC was joined by glamourpuss assistant, Timo. The pair did a fantastic job entertaining the crowd and keeping the cheats in line. Ironically the main abuser of rules turned out to be full time copper, Andy King who also led his team to victory. And whilst I am not noted for being a perfectionist I must take this opportunity to point out to JC that as far as we know there really was never a black activist by the name 'Marthur' Luther King!

To the beach 
All fleets spent a frustrating day waiting for the wind. The competition crew were split as Pros and Ams went to Balephuil whilst Masters and Ladies fleets toughed it out at the Maze. And whilst both venues served up decent waves the wind was sadly always just teasing.

And so with a better forecast for tomorrow, all fleets are early to bed and the scene is set for a nail-biting triple elimination.

Tiree Wave Classic event founder Andy Groom returns to Tiree with his wife V and assistant Louise Adams.

And here is a little shot from the night before the night before....!
             Take two glum chums...                      add some of this stuff...                5 minutes later!                

Head Judge Duncan Coombes moves in closer in an attempt to demonstrate his feelings for legendary photographer John Carter. John is seen here screaming for an exit.

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