Proffitt takes it

Were on our way home and run into a wifi zone to quickly get this report in so apologies for the brief report. We should hopefully have more to report in next few days.

The last day of the event went right down the wire with Ben Proffitt storming back in the Triple elimination to force a super-final against John Skye. And it was Proffitt's slashy wave-riding and huge jumps that wowed spectators and impressed the judges.

We will have the final results for all fleets soon but for the meantime here are the headlines and the Championship table as it stands with only 1 round (in Cornwall) to go.

1st Ben Proffitt
2nd John Skye
3rd Phil Horrocks

Debbie Kennedy
Sophia Gilje
Kariina Pirhonen

Aleksy 'Lecky' Gayda
Lewis Merrony
Scotty McDowell

Mark Lloyd
Davey Edmiston
Keith Shorrock

Championship results after 3 rounds

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