Triple Trouble!

With a single and double elimination completed, the pros fleet have a new leader in John Skye after his amazing comeback from 5th place to take out current tour leader Ben Proffitt.
But there is a storm ahead with wind forecast for Thursday and Friday, the Maze looks a possible setting for yet another competition. Unlike the PWA events which come to a close after a double elimination, the BWA is licensed to kill its competition leaders at any time by putting further rounds on.
This year sees the introduction of the 'Triple elimination' a format never run previously and will be eagerly watched by the worldwide associations to see how well it works. In a nutshell, the current competitors are re-seeded from the double elimination and the leaders once again face the possibility of having their crowns removed by the rest of the fleet.
It all now depends on conditions. The leaders will be praying for calm whilst the competitors in lower positions will be begging the wind gods to deliver for Thursday or Friday.

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